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Hire a Wedding Consultant

You have just gotten engaged and your brain is swarming with all of the future plans you will soon be making. Perhaps you've already started dreaming about your perfect wedding -- or maybe you have had ideas since you were young.

Although your wedding is special and unique to you, if you marry during popular wedding months you will soon find you're competing with many other couples for the perfect location, DJ, photographer, limousine service, and so much more. Hiring an experienced wedding consultant could be a very smart move, saving you time and stress where wedding planning is concerned.

In today's wedding market there are many independent wedding consultants whose No. 1 priority is helping brides- and grooms-to-be navigate the often confusing world of wedding details. There are also wedding consultants who are tied to particular reception venues and may offer abbreviated services, which can still be of much help.

Once thought of as a luxury for the wealthy, hiring a wedding consultant can actually be an economically smart decision. A professional plans weddings for a living and will know the ins and outs of the process, including where to get the best deals.

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a wedding planner is having a person available who can answer all of your questions and be on call whenever one of these questions may surface.

A wedding consultant doesn't control your plans, but simply ensures they are moving along smoothly. He or she understands that brides are busier than ever these days with careers and even families, and may not have all the free time in the world to sit and plan their wedding. Therefore the consultant serves as a "project manager" and ensures that no detail is overlooked. He or she may touch base with vendors to make sure everything is moving according to schedule, and likely guides the bride and groom on some decisions.

When you plan ahead and hire a wedding consultant, you help ensure that some stress has been lifted and you can enjoy all of the nuances of your special day. SB096227

CAPTION: Busy brides and grooms just may find their wedding consultant is the best wedding investment they make.


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