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Get registering and let the gift-giving begin.

Getting Engaged is Just the Beginning ... Now What?

(MS) -- Are you one of the thousands of couples who got engaged over the holidays? This is the time for you and your soon-to-be to get everything you ever wanted -- the time to start from scratch, to upgrade, expand and replace. To turn a whole bunch of mismatched mine and yours into a lifetime of ours.

"When it comes to registering, relax, take your time and have fun," recommends Audrey Stavish, a Bridal and Gift Registry expert at Bed Bath & Beyond. "Go back to the store as many times as needed, or update your registry online. There aren't any rules that you must follow. Choose items that are right for you and your soon-to-be. Go through the registry process together and have fun!"

Here are some additional tips to make wedding planning a breeze:

Plan Ahead: Start a bridal registry as soon as you say "yes." This way you will be prepared for your engagement party and bridal shower, as well as your wedding. Periodically update your registry by adding more products if you need to, even after the wedding. Be kind to procrastinators.
Don't be shy: Register for gifts in a range of prices and categories. This will give guests and group givers lots of options to choose from.

Look back and Plan Ahead! Discuss your background and personal preferences beforehand. It's also important to consider your future. Consider things like how often you'll entertain and how much you will be cooking.

Visit a store: It's in your best interest to visit a store and schedule an appointment with an expert consultant. Touch the towels, heft the flatware, see everything in person!

Do the math: Experts advise registering for 2-3 items times the number of guests you plan to have. Close friends and family will rely on your registry for special events leading up to the wedding -- such as engagement parties, bridal showers and holidays! Your guests will appreciate having lots of choices when they shop for you. Be sure to refresh your list regularly as gifts get purchased.

Register Now, Because You Won't Buy it Later: You may think you will ... but you won't. Now is the time to let others get you the stuff you'd never buy yourself. Your friends and family might even get together to purchase a higher priced "group gift."

Remember the Rule of Three: When it comes to setting your table, if you choose bold patterns for your china and flatware, pick a more simple style of glassware. Prefer intricate stemware? Pair it with simpler patterns of china and flatware. So, it's bold/bold/simple or simple/simple/bold.

Once you've set up your bridal registry, take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond's Bridal Toolkit(R), the complimentary wedding planning tools available at, including your own personal wedding Web site, budgeter, task manager, guest list manager, gift tracker, and even a seating arranger. This way, all of your information can be stored in one convenient place.

Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement. Now get registering and let the gift-giving begin.