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Beach Sand & Sea Shell Centerpieces

Looking for the perfect centerpiece to fit your elegant beach theme and your tight budget? We've got it! Made with supplies found in our local craft store, (and using their weekly coupon!) we created two different centerpieces for less than $25.00 each. Floral centerpieces run an average of $50 or more per table, so this is a great way to save money without sacrificing style.

Beach Sand & Sea Shell Centerpieces:

8" glass bubble bowl

White floral sand (or to save some extra cash head to the beach)

Sea shell value pack

(1) 3 inch ocean blue pillar candle

Step 1: Wipe bowl with glass cleaner and remove any stickers

Step 2: Pour 1.5 bags of sand into glass bowl

Step 3: Use the candle to create an indent in the center of the sand

Step 4: Select shells and place them around the indent of the candle until you reach your desired look

Step 4: Place candle in the bowl

Optional: Add pieces of sea glass and gems to add more sparkle if desired.

Total Cost: $8.98

Candle and Gem Centerpieces:

12" glass hurricane w/ bottom

(2) Bags of glass gems in teal and crystal

(1) 9 inch pillar candle in white

Step 1: Wipe bowl with glass cleaner and remove any stickers

Step 2: Pour both bags of glass gems into the hurricane

Step 3: Place candle in the center

Optional: Add several white sea shells to accentuate the beach motif.

Total Cost: $25.00