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Save the Earth: How to add shades of green to your wedding day
By The Associated Press

By The Associated Press

Some environmentally friendly ideas for wedding planning:

-Limit guest travel. Have the wedding in the town where most guests live; help arrange car pools.

-Have a daytime wedding, outdoors when possible.

-Choose recycled paper for invitations and place cards.

-Serve organic, locally grown food.

-Decorate with organic, locally grown flowers, fruits and veggies. Create smaller centerpieces. Choose potted plants rather than cut flowers.

-Seek out caterers who recycle materials and use linen and china instead of disposables.

-Wear vintage clothes and jewelry, or choose "green" fibers like silk or organic cotton.

-Use candles.

-Go acoustic.

-Hire a hybrid limo, or a horse and buggy.

-Pick digital over film.

-Check out businesses that claim to provide green services and see if they really do; many new companies have entered the rapidly growing market.

-Find out how much greenhouse gas your wedding will create at, which offers to then "offset" the event by inviting you to invest in energy saving technologies.

-Pass it on: Show guests that an elegant event can also be light on the environment. Links to green bridal goods and services. Links to green providers and discussion groups. Online magazine for Earth-friendly brides and grooms. Tree-free kenaf paper products. Tree-free papers and bamboo fabrics. Eco-wedding guide. Seed favors, soy candles and biodegradable confetti. Ideas from the author of the book of the same name.


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