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What costs should the groom's family cover?

Dear Etiquette 101,

My future in-laws are very generously hosting our wedding, and are paying for the bulk of the costs. While my fiancee and I are also contributing wherever we can, her parents practically dive in front of us, checkbook at the ready, whenever these expenses arise.

My parents, on the other hand, are falling back on tradition, stating that the bride's family pays, but that they'll handle any of the details they "should" cover.

It's a bit embarrassing to have to tell them what they're supposed to cover, particularly in light of my future in-laws generosity, but a traditional list of the groom's family's responsibilities would help ease everyone's minds.

Signed, Mark P.

Dear Mark,

Traditionally, the groom's family covers the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon, and the costs of outfitting themselves for the wedding. They may also cover the costs of the bride's wedding ring, the license fee, and payment of the officiant.

In the modern era, however, it's becoming tradition to split the costs between the families more equally - the bride's family is not the only one with a child getting married that day, after all. Many families will split the costs based on percentages of guests, or ability to pay. The happy couple also contributes more than in the past. It's all about what works for those involved.

Best of luck, Local-I-Dos